74th Year of National Newspaper Week

Don’t be concerned if your children or pets put their toys in their mouth anymore…
October 8, 2014
Make a Difference with Casa Natura
Make a Difference
October 29, 2014
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74th Year of National Newspaper Week


In observation of the 74th year of National Newspaper Week which highlights the importance of newspapers to communities large and small, the theme for this year is “Newspapers: The Foundation of Vibrant Communities.”  At Casa Natura, we believe that we are doing our part to help raise vibrant communities by offering products that not only improve your health but also improve our world by recycling all of these newspapers that the carriers have been delivering for over 74 years.

Did you know…A number of former newspaper carriers have achieved national prominence in business, entertainment, politics and the press. John Wayne, Warren Buffett and Martin Luther King Jr. are among the former carriers who are now part of the Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame.

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